3+ Security Colombia

3+ Editorial March 2023

The study of security as an observation variable has turned out to be one of the most important approaches for the social sciences because of the relevance of its appreciation, understanding and deepening for the subsistence and stability of the different societies of the world. Although its approach becomes complex given the multifactorial nature of its manifestations, the fact is that its approach from the variability of different scales of appreciation turns out to be an effective way for the critical understanding of the extent of its incidence.

This document will analyze, based on a scientific-political approach, the key problem of security from three different scales of appreciation (global, regional, and local) in order to generate an integrated assessment of this variable incident in the current context. Specifically, the topics to be addressed will be, respectively: Russia’s Wagner group: the influence of paramilitarism on international security; Economic decline in Latin America: a risk for state investment in security; and Peace with the ELN: an unattainable premise for the current government?

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