3+ Security Colombia

¡Attention with a sense of urgency!

Wherever you may be, rest easy and focused on your priorities while 3+ Security takes care of your security and risk management affairs. We operate in three continents.

Our DNA paves safe paths

Security risks and challenges are present all over the world. 3+ Security’s specialized teams protect individuals and infrastructure on a global scale, paving a safe path for our clients to succeed in their businesses.

We promise to stand by your side to guarantee risk prevention, no matter where you are. 3+ Security excels at solving critical situations in search of business continuity and resilience, as well as planning and executing risk management programs through information and data analysis.

Rest assured that we will handle your security concerns. Our DNA is experience, global coverage, quick response and structural support that will allow us to become a great partner for your business.

3+S accompanies you on the road

We are your company all the way

3+ Security is made up of a team of well-rounded professionals and security experts with a passion for exceptional service and more than our clients expect.

Our professionals have experience and teamwork to develop strategies that minimize risks and maximize business productivity. Highly trained, trained in projects with challenging situations and hostile environments, their skills in teamwork and assertive communication allow the efficient management of communities, local networks and support authorities.

Preventive measures

  • Protección Ejecutiva
  • Protección Física
  • Diseño Programas de Seguridad
  • Ciberseguridad
  • Capacitación y entrenamiento
  • Plan de continuidad del negocio
  • Soluciones digitales y tecnológicas
  • Pruebas de poligrafía
  • Due Diligence
  • Estudios de confiabilidad

Immediate solutions

  • Gerencia de Crisis
  • Asesoría de Riesgos
  • Investigación de Fraudes
  • Asesoría de vulnerabilidad y amenazas
  • Coordinación de Seguridad
  • Pruebas de poligrafía
  • Evacuación

Resilience measures

  • Asesoría y recomendaciones
  • Lecciones aprendidas
  • Controles de Riesgos
  • Modificación de protocolos

* Global Command Center 24/7   * 3+Flash Report  * 3+ Advanced  * 3+ Security Assessment  * 3+Risk Assessment

Experts in Political Analysis and Corporate Security

Our team of experts from the Political and Corporate Security Analysis Unit gather and study security statistics and date, developing high-value investigations. Through its investigations, the PCSAU assists our clients’ decision-making and preparation to adverse events that may harm business.

3 Report Scopolamine En


Security information presented in accessible infographic formats

3sc Editorial May 22 En


Analyses on current global, regional, and local affairs oriented towards security issues

Asu Bogota 2024 En Portada

Assesment of Urban Security

Data-driven maps oriented towards risk levels and illegal or terrorist activity.