3+ Security Colombia

Fraud Investigations

We have the best security experts to confirm or disprove suspicions about events that impact people, operations or organizations.

3+ Security discovers information with specialized, diligent, impartial, timely teams, with high attention to detail, focused on confirming or refuting suspicions about events that impact people, operations or organizations.

Due Diligence

One of the most important reasons for effective Due Diligence processes is to protect the assets of our clients. Strategic alliances allow business development and increase the economic value of companies. For this reason, Due Diligence is valuable in any situation in which a client is deciding to do something for future action, representation, merger, alliance, intermediary or potential buyer, and in this way prevent a large business deal from being a successful transaction.

3+ Security not only verifies information, it strives to discover new data with a specialized team, diligent, impartial, timely, with high attention to detail, directed to the objectives and persistent in the search for information and analysis of a company or organization, obtaining the best data at an economic, legal, reputational, operational and commercial level. Our experience leads us to recognize that communication between the client and 3 + SC is essential to answer all the questions that allow the success of the investigation.

Due Diligence Investigations:

Polygraph tests

Through pre-employment, post-employment, routine and specific polygraph tests, we analyze the physiological results of employees and candidates, and develop accurate and reliable conclusions that will safeguard the quality of your staff. 


With more than seven years of experience, our polygraph examiners are certified by the Latin American Association of Polygraphists, trained in interviewing and assertive communication.

Reliability Studies

3+ Security offers reliability studies to optimize employment systems by verifying background information. Successful hiring processes are supported by thorough investigations, with the purpose of providing your company with the best personnel available.

Administrative investigations

A trusted ally that effectively determines the relevance of information to identify the truth.

Our team of specialized investigators conduct security and criminal investigations at the corporate level. The team can quickly travel to the affected areas to collect information, analyze it and search for evidence in real time to get to the truth and support our clients.

Team capabilities

The team of researchers are experts in the search, verification and analysis of information. We have a network of contacts that allow us to search for key specialized data in a few minutes for the timely development of investigations.

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