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About us

Security begins with an ally you can trust, and whom you can always count on. A company like ours will provide an exceptional service so that your business is in the best hands.

I founded this company with the purpose of gathering the best professionals in the security industry; those with a strong morale, unbreakable values, highly qualified; those that seek excellence in what they do to construct a more secure world and protect the reputation of our clients. Today, I can assure that we possess all necessary capabilities to solve any security problems that your business may face, as well as to accompany you along the way to guarantee safety and success.

As a co-founder and mentor of this company, I have directed our team to adopt leadership in what we do and say, demanding careful strategic planning, operative excellence and impeccable execution, under attention with a sense of urgency.

I also know that a company’s strength is the sum of all its capabilities down to each of its members, and because of this I have been strict in promising excellent work conditions for our employees; while we assure wellbeing and comfort, they focus on providing us with knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Martin Tarazona V2

General Manager

Who we are

We provide security services and solutions while adhering to international standards, with the best human talent, physical and technological resources, through innovation, reliable processes in risk prevention and protection to individuals, businesses, infrastructure, and the prestige of our clients, under continuous improvement.

Our challenge

We seek to be recognized as the best security company in America, Europe and Africa for its high standards of quality, excellence, trust and seriousness for all interested parties.

Our Purpose: To leave a mark through an extraordinary service.


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Customer Testimonials

We chose 3+ Security’s services to protect our employees during their working hours and also safeguard our company's assets for their excellent customer service
Risk Manager
Multinational Oil & Gas Company
We were looking for a supplier of electronic security services that could merge alarm monitoring and robotics within the same solution. 3+ Security Colombia fulfilled this need. Their proposal also turned out to be reasonable in terms of cost and service
Security manager
Road sector company
The personalized service, the adaptability to our needs and the feedback we received during the implementation and start-up of the project, gave us peace of mind of having selected a supplier that was able to understand and propose a tailored solution
Office Manager
Multinational company