3+ Security Colombia

Training and Coaching

We develop and enhance the protection skills of your teams around the world.

We prepare, develop and empower protection skills for clients around the world.

Dynamic and challenging environments demand innovative solutions and easy-to-apply knowledge that help respond to different risk scenarios. The learning of fundamentals, skills development and expert level empowerment are the essence of our programs.

By implementing the latest theories and dynamics to our training programs, we reinforce knowledge that is exclusive and oriented to the needs of each client.

We assist in our clients’ decision-making and preparedness to act upon adverse situations to mitigate the materialization of risks that may harm the employees, executives, infrastructure and image of a company.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training - H.E.A.T.

The diversity of groups that are nourished by criminal activities use pressure tactics and social fear affecting people, infrastructure, social order and the continuity of the business of organizations. Reason why our role as leaders is to ensure a preparation that allows us to reduce impacts, being able to stand firm, maintaining resistance to unforeseen events. 

Our customized training programs cover 1-3 days of serious, “real world” experiences in kidnapping prevention and protection from hostile environments, providing the essential skills needed to travel and work safely in high-risk and challenging environments, from high criminality to war zones by organized gangs.  What we teach is based on our experience overseas in Iraq, as well as nationally in Colombia such as Arauca, Antioquia, Cauca, Valle and Putumayo.

This training involves the analysis and understanding of opportunities for improvement that we may have found. Our goal is to train to develop efficient emergency and crisis protocols, to achieve resilience in the most important assets of your organization.

Our H.E.A.T. training covers: