3+ Security Colombia

3+ Editorial March 2023

The study of security as an epistemological reference anchor has turned out to be one of the most fundamental approaches to the development of the social sciences, due to its fundamental relevance for the subsistence and stability of the different societies that make up the world. Even though its approach is quite complex given the multifactorial nature of human reality, the fact is that its sectioned limitation to certain evaluation scales adequately specified, appears as an effective method for the critical understanding of its wide incidence.

This 3+ Editorial will analyze, based on a scientific-political approach, the key issue of security from three distinguishable scales of appreciation (global, regional and local) to generate a comprehensive assessment of this variable incident in the current context. Specifically, the topics to be addressed will be, respectively: Artificial Intelligence and its application for protection against cyber-attacks: What is the balance of risk?; Could Latin America be affected by the migration of Salvadoran gangs (Maras) after Bukele’s state of emergency?; and The security situation in Colombia since the declaration of the bilateral ceasefire: high humanitarian cost?

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